Christmas treasure hunt

You might want to create clues for more fun on Christmas hampers morning. You can absolutely turn on the holiday delight with a Christmas day treasure hunt the whole family will enjoy! A treasure hunt before gift opening is a great way to keep kids from getting restless—and keep grown-ups entertained while Christmas dinner's cooking. You can also do a treasure hunt after the unwrapping to keep the day's excitement going. The treasure hunt doesn't have to be with a Christmas present, it could be a birthday present or anything like that.

My friend's oldest sister used to make these for me when I was Cathlolic all the time - they were so much fun I didn't even need a prize at the end. Christmas gift basket Other ideas include drawing maps with fun instructions ("Starting at the potted plant, go ten paces east, 5 paces north, and look up") and making physical objects into clues (one was a little plastic tiger with wings glued on top, which was a reference to the West African Tiger Fly featured in a particular favorite book - the next clue was tucked in the pages). If you had lots of time, you could replace a DVD from their collection with a near copy, after splicing a video clue into the middle. By the way, my inner grammar cop can't help pointing out that "the el" in "taped on the el espejo" is redundant.

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How Parents Prepare for Christmas

Here are some tips for parents how to prepare Christmas. First, if you plan to make a traditional Christmas cake from scratch then this needs to be started at least a month before Christmas. If you have forgotten never fear; you can buy ready-made cakes in a store. Secondly, Christmas shopping can be very stressful with all the crowds and you can't take the children with you because they will see their presents. If you have kids get them to write out a list for you. That way you know what they most desire. You do not have to buy everything on their list; just get a few of the items and the rest is up to you. Also a good tip for Christmas shopping if you have children is to leave them with a trusted adult. If you do this make sure you tell the adult what they are to eat in case of any allergies.

Third, christmas for kids is all about the presents but make sure that you don't just buy them toys, buy the things they actually need as well. christmas hamper ideas Most parents buy nothing but toys for their children, and by Boxing Day the kids want something else, so make sure you buy them things such as clothes, vests, socks, handkerchiefs, pajamas, combs etc.

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